It's all in the details

Throughout our lives, our eyes capture beautiful photographs daily, our sentimental side yearns for a means to capture just that moment.  I've spent the last couple of decades purposefully putting myself in those moments with my camera capturing life's art and story-telling moments, come enjoy my journey.

My passions have been influenced by curiosity and relationships.  I began my professional career pursuing my education in Interior Design.  My training combined with my specialized skill set combines structure with spatial correlations. 

In between my fine-tuning my career, I engaged in a lifelong journey with my wonderful husband, our amazing son and our menagerie of fur babies crisscrossing North America.  You'll find my two favourite muses - my son and our dog, Lulu all over my social media feeds!  Their gracious patience has allowed me the freedom to pursue my artistic passion developing a more unique style using composition, lighting and contrasting juxtapositions.

Being a typical Canadian mom of a teenage boy, hockey becomes life consuming; but we do manage to find time practicing new culinary techniques; catching up on the latest movies; and creating homes in all the places we have lived.